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Easily Programable, Modular L1 Blockchain.

Axion Protocol is designed to empower developers. Express your ideas in your preferred language, leverage Solana's speed, and enjoy seamless development. Join us and revolutionize web3 innovation.

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Base Concept star

Axion drives blockchain innovation with a developer-friendly approach, optimizing performance through parallel VM contract execution. Seamlessly integrating with Solana's infrastructure, Axion ensures smooth deployment of native contracts, while maintaining secure execution across different VM languages.

Additionally, Axion supports Python for smart contract development, simplifying the transition for web2 developers. This facilitates seamless creation of contracts, driving innovation and expanding decentralized applications on the platform.


The Main Advantage Of The Axion

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    High fees

    The main problem of Ethereum is high gas fees with slow speed and reliance on centralised cloud services.

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    Axion is a solution which is blazing fast blockchain, compatible with solana. The platform allows developers to deploy solana dApps without undertaking any reconfiguration.

Business Model star

Swap Fees On The Axion Platform Divided Into 4 Streams

Transaction fees

Axion charges transaction fees for every operation performed on its blockchain.

Staking rewards

Axion earns revenue by charging fees or taking a percentage of the staking rewards earned by validators.

Partnerships and collaboration

Partnerships and collaboration with developers may also contribute to Axion's revenue, especially for tailored solutions and enterprise support.

Service Fees

The platform may charge subscription fees, licensing fees, or usage fees for access to advanced development tools, analytics, and other infrastructure services.

Axion Feature star

Axion Token star

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    Representing a vote in the Axion DAO for decentralized community governance.

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    The payment method for user transactions (transfers, dApps deployment, interaction with dApps, etc.) on the Axion platform, similar to how ETH is used on Ethereum

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    1 Axion can be devided in to 1 Billion Lamports like solana.

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    No inflation or deflation rates.

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    Transaction Fees: 50% go to Validators and 25% to the Axion DAO Treasury, 25% is burned

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    AXION is an SPL token on Solana and, at the same time, is a native token on the Axion (like ETH on Ethereum).

Partners & Sponsors


Testnet Beta


Beta Testnet star


In honor of the launch of the testnet for Axion Network, we are launching a competition on the testnet. Each participant in the competition will receive a whitelist if they have completed the Zealy-competition and Gleam Sponsorship Prizes. Participation in the testnet is completely free.